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Wood vs. Vinyl: Which Pergola Material is Better?

Pergolas are backyard embellishments that add a certain look, elegance, and grace to a backyard space. You have probably admired pergolas for years, and now that you have your own backyard area, you’re probably planning to buy one for yourself. However, there is probably one question encircling your mind: what’s the best pergola material?

There are many pergola material options, including cedar, vinyl, or pressure treated wood. Ultimately, the pergola material you select will determine the price, style, maintenance needs, and lasting of your pergola.

So, without further ado, let’s take a comprehensive look at different pergola materials.

Pressure Treated Wood Pergolas

When it comes to finding the best bargain, pressure treated wood pergolas are the perfect choice. This pergola material offers the biggest variety of color options within the most budget-friendly price. With the ability to be painted or stained, pressure treated wood pergolas can either offer an elegant and simple rustic or can stand out as a bold accent piece.

Also, wooden pergolas are typically pressure treated to resist bugs, mold, and rotting. However, not only do wood pergolas require repainting or re-staining after a while, but they also have a comparatively shorter lifespan than other materials.

Cedar Wood Pergolas

Cedar wood pergolas are another popular type of pergolas that have many distinct features and qualities. These types of pergolas are naturally tough against bugs and rotting that cause damage to normal lumber.

Besides that, cedar wood pergolas also have a distinct smell that many homeowners are fond of. However, these pergolas cannot be painted; they will need to be stained to maintain their signature red hue. Cedar wood pergolas are comparatively more expensive than pressure treated lumber, and also require quite a bit of additional maintenance.

Vinyl Pergolas

Vinyl pergolas are one of the most popular types of pergolas that offer a class and clean appearance that looks great on patios, decks, and other outdoor spaces. The graceful look that white vinyl offers enhances almost any and every outdoor space by standing out as a centerpiece.

Compared to other materials, vinyl pergolas are the best since they can last a lifetime even with minimal maintenance. This type of pergola is completely resistant to rotting, molds, and termites, and don’t need to be re-stained or repainted. However, it’s important to consider that vinyl pergolas offer all these benefits at a pretty high price.

The Bottom Line

Both wood and vinyl pergolas have their own set of admirers and look amazing in different backyard settings. Although picking the best pergola material can be a little tough, there is one thing that you must always consider: the quality of the material and build. When it comes to quality, both wood and vinyl are fantastic material choices for pergolas that offer their own unique looks.

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