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Why Pergolas Are Ideal for Entertaining

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A pergola is a feature in a backyard or an open area that can be used to create a shaded path, corridor, or sitting area. It is composed of posts or pillars that often support the top of the pergola or a durable open lattice, and it is frequently used as a support for the training of floral vines.

Homeowners who have realized the benefits of resting and hosting guests in their backyards frequently think about the next improvement they may make to their outdoor space. Fans of the backyard are always looking for new ways to make it more beautiful and appealing to the eye, and they want more ways to enjoy themselves there.

Enhancements to your landscape can assist in the formation of a mood or personality for your home, and they can also extend the warmth and hospitality of your family. Think about putting in a pergola as the next thing to do to your yard if you’re trying to decide what to do next.

Here are some of the reasons why pergolas are ideal for entertaining:

Outdoor Entertainment

Don’t limit your entertainment options to a backyard barbecue or pool party because there’s nowhere for your guests to sit out of the sun. A pergola provides shade, creating a special place to eat, socialize, and unwind in the garden. A new roofed pergola is a wonderful focal point for your outdoor living area and a great way to impress guests. Make it a habit to host gatherings where everyone can mingle in the open air.

A pergola is not only great for al fresco meals and parties but also makes an excellent backdrop for working in the great outdoors.

Outdoor Extension

Open floor plans seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living are on trend and a breath of fresh air. Incorporating a pergola next to a door or window that opens onto the backyard is a great way to preserve the organic flow of your home’s design. The natural world beyond your front door is an invitation to appreciate the wonder and beauty that is part of a fulfilled life.


Health, and you can get those benefits without leaving your neighborhood. A smaller pergola is a wonderful addition to any property when the need for seclusion and a peaceful place to commune with nature arises. A pergola canopy as narrow as 6 feet wide can create an intimate, soothing nook for lounging, reading, rain watching, or sipping a cocktail.

Aesthetically Pleasing

As seen in historical accounts and picturesque paintings, pergolas and gardens have a deep and long-standing history. Maintain the custom by designing a stunning garden. Depending on size, a wooden or aluminum pergola can be installed to span your winding walkways. Place a work table for your planters and seedlings under the pergola and use a storage bench to conceal your gardening equipment.

Our Final Thoughts

Installing a pergola on your property helps delineate areas that can be used for lounging, entertaining guests, and hosting get-togethers. At Utah Pergola Company, we can help you install the perfect pergola over a porch, along a walkway, or in a garden!