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What Can You Use Pergolas For?

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Is your backyard lacking privacy, shelter, or a dramatic flare? You can make it more functional by installing a pergola. Pergolas are all that everyone is raving about currently and, as a result, are increasingly common sights in American backyards, patios, and decks.

What are Pergolas?

Typically constructed of wood, these lovely rectangular garden structures feature latticed roofs made of horizontal beams and vertical rafters.

Dimensions typically run from 12 by 12 feet up to 16 by 24 feet (though smaller options do exist), and they can be altered in countless ways to suit your needs for hosting various events.

Uses of a Pergola

Pergolas can be found in many forms and sizes, but they all serve the same purpose: to shield homeowners from the elements.

This could include, for instance, offering protection from the spring showers or the summer sun. It won’t let the elements bother you while relaxing in the garden or having a picnic with the family.

Although pergolas are commonly used to create extra living space for homes, they also have many other applications.

Create Shade

A pergola is a type of open-air structure that shields its occupants from the sun without restricting airflow.

The partial shade provided by the beam roof structure can be remedied by installing a bamboo cover or growing plants across it. Adding a trellis, fence panels, or transparent curtains to the sides will increase your privacy.

Extend Space

If you have a deck or patio, you probably put it there to better use the outdoor space at your disposal. If you enjoy spending time in your outdoor space but find that the midday sun is too intense or that you wish you had some shelter from inclement weather, a pergola may be the solution you’ve been looking for to make your outdoor living space more comfortable.

A pergola is an excellent way to extend your living space and enjoy the outdoors. With the right orientation and construction, a pergola can provide pleasantly dappled shade on even the hottest afternoons.

There is the option of installing a retractable shade cover if you still need more shade. Some shade structures are designed to keep rainwater away from their users, which is especially useful when it rains heavily during the summer.


There are times when you need some peace and quiet to fully appreciate the backyard paradise you’ve created. The answer to the question “why use a pergola?” may lie in this.

Putting up a pergola with custom-made, all-encompassing shades is a great way to keep your outdoor space hidden from prying eyes. While these shades can be opened to let in fresh air and sunlight, they can also be tied around the posts to provide privacy. By Wrapping the shades up, you can pretend you’ve rented your own private cabana at the beach without leaving your house.


Pergolas are simple to build but very attractive, and they can significantly enhance the aesthetic value of any backyard.

Your backyard can be an extension of your home, where you can host barbecues, read a book, or just unwind at the end of the day. We at Utah Pergola Company take great pride in showcasing the stunning aesthetic potential of our namesake product, the Pergola.

When you hire us to build a pergola for your home, you can rest assured that the project will be completed thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience success.