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Fascinating Pool Pergola Ideas

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Whether you have moved to a new house which has a swimming pool installed already or you just got it installed in your residing house, if you have this luxury, it is worth making it the best so that not only does it look aesthetic, but is also quite useful for you and your visitors.

For the above purpose, one thing that almost anyone would like to do is to have a pool pergola. However, it can get difficult to make your way through various pool pergola ideas that are out there. Hence, we have divided these ideas into 4 different categories so that it can get easier for you to decide which kind of setting not only suits your house type but is also something that you and your family would appreciate. Go through this list and see for yourself which one works best for you!

Private Pool Pergola

This idea is for those who like to enjoy some privacy after they have gone for a swim. Having an intimate setting on the poolside can only be made possible with an elegant pergola. By doing so, not only will you be able to set a place where you can spend time with your loved ones or where they can sit and wait for you while enjoying their tea, but also a place where solitude can reside.

You can always set it up with some sitting arrangement that is not too formal and very comfortable, a small coffee table, and even a fireplace if the environment allows and requires it!

Lounging Pergola

Getting a pergola on the poolside can also be useful if you want a casual lounging area by the pool. The reason why this could be a great way of adding value is that you may feel like taking a break in between. Just rest there for a while and then continue swimming. For this particular setting, you can also have chairs placed so that you don’t have to go directly to the house when you are all wet. Additionally, if you want, you can put on some extra shades and use it as a changing area too.

The Entrance of the Pool

While the above two ideas are mostly for people who want a pergola to be installed by the pool, this one is for those who may want it over the pool. There can be multiple reasons why a nice shade over the pool can be preferred, one of them being the need to feel protected from the UV rays.

For this purpose, you can either have a pergola installed that gives a little shade towards the entrance of the pool or you can even have it cover the whole pool if you think the size is appropriate and it will look great with respect to the surrounding area. If you have a hot tub, you can get a pergola designed for that too as some added privacy for the hot tub is always appreciated!


We hope that these pool pergola ideas would have helped in getting a clearer idea of what you want! For further queries or services, you can always feel free to contact us!