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Beautiful Ways to Decorate Your Pergola

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Having a pergola in your yard is the perfect way to relax outdoors. The mere presence of a pergola is enough to uplift your yard’s beauty. But if you want to make your outdoor space look more beautiful, consider decorating your pergola. Not sure how to do that? Continue reading this post to discover some fun ways to decorate your pergola!

1.     Pixie Lights

Using pixie lights to decorate your pergola is quite a popular idea. You will find many beautiful outdoor spaces with pixie-lighted pergolas, and you should also try it. With these glorious lights, your yard will look like a magical fairyland.

This decorative method comes in handy when you have a BBQ party or an intimate outdoor affair.

2.     Colorful Curtains

This indoor décor can be used outdoors too! Having a pergola curtain on, you can leisurely spend your time outdoors, especially during extreme daylight. Make sure you go for weather-friendly curtains. You can also choose them in any color – just try to select them in a bright, lovely color to jazz up your pergola.

According to experts, you should consider olefin fabrics as they are soft, lightweight, durable, and fade-proof!

3.     Hanging Planters

This is one of the loveliest ways to decorate your pergola. You can opt for lovely flower plants and hang them from the roof of your pergola. Not only will this fill the space with beauty but with sweet floral scents too.

Other than flower pots, you can go for trailing plants as well. Having your pergola covered with climbing plants will create a sense of the path in your yard. Some of the best climbing plants to consider are honeysuckles, passion flowers, wisteria, trumpet vines, roses, grapevines, and rambling roses.

4.     Chandelier

Many people use their pergola for an outdoor dining room. If you have done the same, you may as well want to consider decorating it. You can install a chandelier into your pergola to make it appear aesthetic and welcoming at the same time.

If chandeliers are not your thing, you can opt for a lamp as well. A small, easy-to-install lamp can brighten up the space just as much!

5.     Swing Set

Hanging a small swing set to your pergola is a lovely idea. Your kids will love the outdoor space even more!  You will also find it visually appealing. The best thing is that you can fit in more than one swing so that more people can have fun and enjoy their time.


These are some of the beautiful ways to decorate your pergola. If you’re on the lookout for the best pergola in the market, look no further than Utah Pergola Company. For further inquiries, feel free to call at 801-784-6082.