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3 Popular Options for Pergola Placement

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A pergola has a distinctive and elegant look because of its tall and slender posts and exposed decorative beams. A pergola, when customized, can bring an element of luxury to any yard and transform it into a perfect staycation getaway.

A pergola can be a great accessory to your yard. There are lots of locations where you can place your pergola for the maximum effect. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Adding a Pergola Over the Deck

One of the most popular places to erect a pergola is over the deck. This enhances the functionality and practicality of the deck, as well as makes it look more esthetically appealing. An open deck that is fully or partially shaded by a pergola can make a great space for entertaining guests or spending time with the family.

We can also attach the pergola over your deck in such a way that it ties into the deck railing for a more uniform and stable look. All we will need to do is to use a simple power drill and attach the posts to the railing.

Depending on your preference, you can opt for either attached or a free-standing pergola. This will provide you with much-needed shade on the deck and can become an alternate dining space, an area where your kids can do their homework and you can do their office work or just a nice place to hang around.

Adding a Pergola on Pools or Patios

There are few better esthetically pleasing options than adding a pergola over concrete spaces like the patio or poolside. The combination of tan or grey concrete with a clean white pergola looks amazing and gives you poolside and patio an upscale look.

Adding a poolside pergola gives your pool a very resort-like vibe while also giving a nice shade on the poolside. If you want your swimming area to look even more unique, you can expand the pergola to cover the entire swimming pool as well. This will minimize exposure to harmful sun rays and prevent sunburn. Plus, it looks very elegant and stately as it provides a vertical element to a flat space.

Depending on your preference and needs, the pergola can be free-standing or attached. Residents can place deck chairs beneath the pergola as well as make it a great place to grill accessories and use as a dining space.

Adding a Pergola on the Grass

Although a lot of people opt to place a pergola on top of a patio, pergola placement on grass can also be a wonderful option and can give a stunning effect to your yard. Placing a pergola in the middle of empty green space can beautify the space and make it look fuller.

A pergola placed on grass can create a mid-yard retreat where families can have a picnic. If you have small children, it can also be a great place to add a swing and slide set. You can also simply hang a hammock beneath the pergola or add garden furniture. It can also be a great place to grow a garden and place potted plants. The options are literally endless.

Grass pergolas are free-standing and give a very Romanesque vibe to your lawn.

Bottom Line

No matter where you want to add your pergola, you can be sure that it will look gorgeous. Install your pergola over the deck, on the pool and patios, and on the grass. At Utah Pergola Company, we can help you find the right pergola installation for your home. Reach out to us today.